Rosetta Stone of Information Sharing

The Smart Hive platform allows organizations to share real-time, relevant and actionable intelligence with each other while maintaining confidentiality. Smart Hive is vendor and protocol agnostic. For example, although Company X is using Cisco IDS and Company Y is using Palo Alto Networks; when either environment detects and stops malicious activity, The Smart Hive platform can provide the other with actionable threat intelligence in the format appropriate for their environment, and we do this in near real time. We work with any security vendor and any protocol all in near real-time. Think of us as the Rosetta Stone of security. Threat actors count on the inability of organizations to communicate threats with each other. They attack thousands of organizations, leaving each organization to detect and stop the attack on their own. For the members of the Smart Hive platform, this advantage the threat actors usually enjoy is eliminated. The Smart Hive platform enables organizations to share their specific threat activity and the policies used to successfully defend against them. The Smart Hive platform aggregates all member data and, in near real time, automates and distributes the exact policy/configuration settings for each member’s specific environment in order to prevent and mitigate the latest threats seen in the Smart Hive. We never just share data from one company to another; we anonymize the data and apply intelligence to the data ensuring we only share what is relevant thus preventing false positives.

Waze for Cyber Security

Today when people get in their car, they open their Waze app and input their destination. Immediately they know the current traffic conditions, which is the best route and how long it will take. Through crowdsourcing and the participation of thousands of other ‘Wazers’ members help each other bypass traffic jams, navigate around accidents and even avoid speed traps. It’s anonymous and it works!

This is the power of the Smart Hive platform. Smart Hive shares threat defense configurations and intelligence in near real time among all member organizations while preserving complete confidentiality. The HIVE is vendor agnostic; we can learn of a new threat from a Cisco device and update members using Palo Alto devices.

When Hive Member 1 stops a new intrusion, within minutes every other Hive Member is informed of the details of the attack and the specific defense settings, specific for each member’s environment, used to stop the intrusion.


Peer Analysis for Executives

Every Security Executive has been asked, “How does our security posture compare to our peers?” Until now, the only way you could answer this question would be to participate in a questionnaire or survey provided by an analyst or research firm and compare your company to the results. The information would not provide any actionable intelligence and would be, at best, a report card or ranking. With the Smart Hive platform the Security Executives of our members can analyze in near real time their security posture and configurations and compare them to the other Smart Hive members. Smart Hive is making it possible to crowdsource, in near real time, actionable threat intelligence using real-time data. Smart Hive provides a comprehensive dashboard with actual comparative data from other members allowing Security Executives to answer the question based on actual live data from their peers. And because all of the data is completely anonymized, there is no privacy or regulatory concerns among the Smart Hive platform members.

Vendor Risk

Few organizations have the resources to invest in multiple/duplicate vendors’ solutions. It’s virtually impossible to find a single company actively using firewalls from Cisco, Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper Networks and Fortinet all simultaneously. As a member of the Smart Hive, your will see, in near real time, precisely how each vendor products perform. The Smart Hive enables you to reduce the risks associated with the inevitable myopic view when using a single vendor’s solution. And while there are a number of third-party tools available to assist an organization when building a process to ensure you have a complete and adequate paperwork-trail required to hold vendors accountable -why not use real data to back up and support your attestations?