About the Hive

Smart Hive’s mission is to make the cyber security intelligence that organizations use in their information sharing programs Real-time, Relevant, and Actionable. Smart Hive was developed to give organizations the power of real information at their fingertips and finally an ability to build a pro-active Cyber Security Program. Led by former Security Executives who understand the power of making informed decisions, Smart Hive was built understanding the challenges that have existed for over a decade in making real Information Sharing possible.

For over a decade, organizations have tried in a myriad of ways to get intelligence from various sources in an effort to make their Cyber Security Program better. The problem has been that when it comes to those organizations sharing their own threat intelligence, there are a barrage of hurdles thrown in the way. Smart Hive removes those barriers. Go to our Product page to find out more details.

Rosetta Stone of Information Sharing

Sharing mitigating controls from one security language and translating them into another security language in real-time. Potentially stopping threats before you see them.

Waze for Cyber Security

Learning from your peers is a proven way to get smarter faster. Applying this thinking to Cyber Security will allow organizations to be truly pro-active.

Vendor Risk

Add real data to the vendor attestation spreadsheets. See if they are really patching their systems in the timeframe they say they are.

Peer Analysis for Executives

Peer analysis is a never ending question. Its just always been so hard to quantify. Executives depend on questionnaires which are hard to really determine how real or relative they are. Don’t depend on questionnaires any longer. Depend on real data from Smart Hive.

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