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Doing our Part

By Sanjay Patel

Entrepreneurs are not built to sit around and do nothing. They have an internal drive to make a difference. They walk away from lucrative careers and opportunities to do startups and try and change the world for better. Over the last few weeks, we have seen a pandemic consume the world; the daily count of lives lost during the previous twenty-four hours is gut crunching. Just like other entrepreneurs around the world, I have been trying to figure out what my startup can do to help. Sitting on the sideline is physically and emotionally painful. We want to help and do our part.

We have been very fortunate to have multiple towns and cities using our platform to learn from each other and prevents threat before it gets to them. We have seen attacks on these members go up as much as ten to fifteen times what it was before COVID-19. Threat actors are keenly aware local governments are stretched thin, helping their citizens stay safe. These threat actors are trying to take advantage of the situation by using their tools and tactics to wreak havoc on local government infrastructure potentially. Even in the best of times, we have seen cities like Baltimore, Atlanta, and numerous other towns cities in America fall victim to crippling cyberattacks. As local governments around the country try and combat COVID-19, a successful cyber attack could potentially cost lives.

At Smart Hive, we cant make ventilators or masks, but we can help local and state governments protect their infrastructure while they work on keeping their citizens safe. In the HIVE, they will be immunized against any new attacks in an automated manner, allowing them to focus on what’s important without sacrificing security. Our platform will enable them to learn from each other in realtime. Think of us as Waze¬© for cybersecurity. In the HIVE, an attack on one is defense for all. Joining the HIVE takes 20 minutes. Once members have joined the HIVE, they will start learning from their peers in 90 seconds or less.

We look forward to doing our part in uniting local and state governments across America to defend as one against new and evolving cyber threats. If you know anyone that can benefit from our offer, please tell them to sign up at Https://

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